March 8, 2012

After some fiddling with SoundCloud and figuring out how it works, I was finally able to assemble a set of tracks for stream-listening directly from this web site. At the moment, only track samples for "Retro Act: Rearmed" are available for listening, so head over to the game page and check out the music samples. They are done by a couple of good friends of mine, and what's more important, good composers ;) Fabian Del Priore, a game composer with some wickedly good tracker style music, especially for RA-R if I do say so myself. And Matt Oglesby without whom I'd probably lack a really good set of sound files. They both also made music for "Vein of Vengeance" project, but that will have to wait a little longer until I synchronize them with the story script which is currently, though very slowly, being re-done. As the new tracks are being done, I'll be adding them to the playlist, but due to my recent priority being shifted to pixel art, that'll have to wait for some time. I've selected Flash version of the player instead of HTML 5 as it seemed more compact, so I hope you won't have trouble viewing it.

March 4, 2012

These posts seem to be come more seldom every time. That, however, does not mean that the development of new titles have stopped. Both titles are progressing fine, at a somewhat slow, but nevertheless steady pace. The biggest thing at the moment it the new site look which removed all those pesky links for every single section and basically made the full game info with all the screenshots and materials on a single page. Some of the stuff are removed, such as track samples from upcoming titles, but expect a streaming samples from both titles with some really cool music that's been composed since the last update. "Vein of Vengeance" project is currently undergoing some script change, so it may take some time to see some serious updates on that front, but "Retro Act: Rearmed" should show some serious progress in the next few months to come, so one may expect to see some screenshots from an early beta version. I haven't forgot about the demo, either, and if all goes according to plan, that too may be expected to surface somewhere along the next news posts.

October 21, 2011

Alright, another three month slumber is behind, and it's time to put up some info. For anyone out there wondering if the development on both projects is going at all, rest assured that it is. With main focus put on finishing "Retro Act: Rearmed" A.S.A.P., with demo planned for release this month actually, but due to some unfinished artwork it is postponed for next month. Programming part had also gone underway and progressing nice. With HD resolution, double the unit size and game frame rate, game should work and feel much smoother than the predecessor. Really a lot has been done since the last update, what on artwork, and what on other stuff, even the new sound effects for the demo level has been done, voice files balanced, some cinematics done, it is all going really well. While updating this page seems to be my weaker side lately, when the demo comes out you'll be hearing about it. In the meantime, a couple more characters have been revealed in the character section. As for "Vein of Vengeance", the main theme song is done and when I start pouring more info about that game, the song will be revealed as well.

July 30, 2011

Alas, during the past several months of non-update in the news section, a lot has happened in the game development area. However, not much of that is posted yet. But let's leave those things for the future news articles and mention what's been updated here and now. Well, web site got entirely new design, hope it's better than the last one, it certainly is wider, though. While "Vein of Vengeance" lost some info due to project change, you can check the new story and some concept art for the game. But the primary perspective goes to "Retro Act: Rearmed" which should speed up the development from now on. Definitely expect some demo screenshots in the next few months. For this game there is also some concept art revealed, units info has been updated and structures have been unveiled giving a hint to what slight changes the gameplay may go through. And finally, a work in progress soundtrack has been posted with tracks made so far. I hope you like tracker style music as there is a possibility to release this soundtrack in the future, and even make orchestral version of certain tracks.